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Worried that your Internet traffic is taking an unnecessarily circuitous path to you, ruining your performance (forcing you to wait too long when you request webpages, or causing "life" threatening lags in your favorite games)? Suspicious about what networks or countries might handle your traffic along its journey? Want to know if your provider is getting you the performance you are paying for? Just curious to see where data is coming from? For these questions and more, our new reverse traceroute system is just the tool you need! It allows you to measure the path from any destination back to you.

We have retired this old version of the page while we plan, design, and build a new, improved reverse traceroute system. Please check back in the future! In the meantime, please check out the research page to learn about the project.

We're sorry, but unfortunately our service is currently down until we replace some failed hardware. Please check back later!

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